Pattern No: A9009

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Print - enamelled prints Not known 1951


This pattern is another that uses a wide range of Heath prints (see the Prints & Verses, Henry Heath section).
Even with the relatively small number of recorded examples of A9009, it appears that both prints and verses were used in many combinations. The prints appearing on the pots here (top to bottom) are:
Scenes in London No 8, Art of Tormenting 5(3)
Scenes in London No 2, Art of Tormenting 5(3)
Scenes in London No 8, part of Art of Tormenting 5(4)
Sayings & Doings No 4(1), Verse 6V
▪ (left to right) Scenes in London No 8, No 11 and No 44
The Art of Tormenting 6(4).

A pattern sold by the London & Paris retailer Dunhill.

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Originator unknown
Originator (in the USA) unknown
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