Pattern No: A9123

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Lustre - copper Not known 1951


This is one of Gray’s typical intricate lustre resist patterns.
As with a number of Gray’s copper/bronze lustre designs, there is an equivalent in silver lustre: A9252. A9347 looks to be identical to A9123 and A9352 similar but with a buff ground.

Both A9123 and A9252 appear to have been produced in various items of useful ware – coffee sets, jugs and plates, but whereas various examples of bespoke commemorative ware have been recorded for A9252, none has been recorded for A9123.
Many of the pots recorded have been located in the USA, where Gray’s lustre designs were popular.

The advertisement, published regularly in Pottery and Glass magazine from 1952-58, appears to show this basic design (see the Adverts section, 1952-58).

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Originator unknown
williamson-41 (USA)
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