Pattern No: A9149

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Print - enamelled prints Not known 1951


This is another design using a range of Heath prints (see the Prints & Verses, Henry Heath section) and apparently popular in the USA.
As in other designs with these prints (examples: A8651, A8734, A8908, A9009 and A9010), where two appear on a pot the combination will often be different, as can be seen in the Antique-shaped jugs in the first two images.
The prints appearing on the pots here, from top to bottom, are:
Scenes in London No 44, Art of Tormenting 5(4)
Scenes in London No 43, Art of Tormenting 5(4)
Sayings & Doings No 4(1)
Sayings & Doings No 2(3)
Art of Tormenting 5(6).

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