Pattern No: B109

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Tree Banded - with a motif Not known 1950s


The first image, a company information photograph, depicts pattern A8384. However, patterns A5561 and B109 are clearly identical patterns, the former created more than ten years earlier than B109.
The reason for the three numbers is not known but the outbreak of war in Europe might provide an explanation: designs were created in the late 1930s but couldn’t be put into production until after the war had ended due to various restrictions, particularly in relation to the production of decorated ware. It may then have seemed appropriate to launch a full range of the pattern, with six colour variations, under a new set of numbers.

Whatever the number may be, the design featured in a number of publications: Pottery and Glass, May 1945 and March 1946; the Studio Year Book – Decorative Art, 1943-48 and also in British Potters and Pottery Today, Bunt 1956 (seemingly a rather late entry).

B109 has been recorded on many items of useful ware (tea, coffee and dinner ware) but no ornamental ware such as vases or lamps.

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GP/Nagington & Son
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