On this and the following five pages we show some of the pottery and glassware accepted for the Council of Industrial Design’s Exhibition which opens at the Victoria and Albert Museum on the 24th of this month . Limited space prevents the selection from being truly representative, but in forthcoming issues of “Pottery and Glass” we hope to illustrate further examples from the exhibits.

Photograph No.3 shows a beautiful example of the hand-decorated lustre ware for which A. E. Gray & Co., Ltd are famous. This piece is a silver wedding bowl and exemplifies an interesting revival from earlier times – the specially inscribed pottery presentation piece for private occasions; the fashion should be further popularized today.
The decoration comprises the “Vine” design with initials and date, finished with lines and bands, the whole carried out in silver lustre on a white ground.
The designer is S. C. Talbot, N.R.D

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