Gray’s sourced three sizes of small white jugs from Lancaster & Sandland Ltd from the late 1940s through into the 1950s. Chiefly destined for the North American market, Gray’s decorated them with a wide variety of designs that incorporated: plain prints and enamelled prints; silver, copper, BC and splash lustre; lithographs. Thousands must have been produced and many were sold through the American retailer Skinners.

A selection of Castle jugs

The three sizes of Castle jug, of approximate height: 80mm/3⅛” (known as 54s large and usually impressed 448), 70mm/2¾” (known as 60s medium and usually impressed 446), 60mm/2⅜” (known as 72s small and usually impressed 344). The numbers 54, 60 and 72 represent the number of jugs on a potter’s wareboard, a typical unit of measurement in the industry.

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