The four square plus two rectangular dishes, pattern 8084 of 1928, shown in the first image are likely to have been supplied as an hors d’oeuvre set on a tray. The illustration from Pottery Gazette, 1 August 1933, is part of a report describing exhibits at the 5th International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Milan: … examples of domestic earthenware bearing decorations that are truly modern. One of these, having simple bands of colour, is the No.8286, of which we give an illustration of a set of hors d’oeuvres dishes upon a wooden tray. (Note that 8286 was created much earlier, probably in 1929).Other examples of wooden trays are illustrated here, all from 1936: pattern A3196 (six dishes on a square wooden tray), pattern A3403 (five identical dishes on a rectangular tray with a green edge-line), pattern A3761 (five identical dishes on a rectangular tray with a brown edge-line).
Above: Pattern 8084
Above: Pattern 8286
Above: Pattern A3196
Above: Pattern A3403
Above: Pattern A3761
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