The Pottery & Glass Record, April 1937, p89: Pottery Chiefs Made Magistrates.

Amongst prominent businessmen placed on the Commission of Peace for the City of Stoke-on-Trent are three very well known in the pottery industry – Mr Albert Cook, Chairman & Joint Managing Director of the New Hall Pottery Co Ltd, ..… Mr A.E.Gray, Chairman & Managing Director of A.E.Gray & Co.Ltd, ..… and Mr Jesse Wilfred Shirley, Jesse Shirley & Son …. : …. Mr A.E.Gray has been in the pottery trade for 50 years and has a wide experience of manufacture and salesmanship. He spent his early years in a retail store in Manchester, where he remained for 20 years. He came to the Staffordshire Potteries in 1907 and has since devoted great attention to the art side of the industry. He did valuable pioneer work in connection with the Ceramic Art Society, of which he became Chairman, and generally did a great deal towards stimulating interest in the movement for a higher standard of ceramic design. At the present time, Mr Gray is one of the leading figures in the industry and his advice is eagerly sought for on all important problems confronting manufacturers. The firm of which he is head has consistently exhibited at the British Industries Fair since its inauguration in 1915, and for a number of years Mr Gray has been a member of the Fair Advisory Committee. When the Gorell Committee was set up to enquire into the subject of art in industry Mr Gray was invited to sit on it and did most valuable work.
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