Pattern No: 9112

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Lustre - silver Not known 1930


There is no obvious difference between this pattern and pattern 9113 although most pieces of 9113 so far recorded have some gold within the design: the 9112 pots illustrated here have not.

The collection of tea ware shown here has the Felbrigge 1421 name applied (and spelled Fellbrigge on some pieces). The majority of the pieces carry the personal mark – HL – of the highly-accomplished decorator Hilda (May) Lockett.
Although most pieces have the R1 (‘Pharaoh’s Boat’) backstamp, three other backstamps appear: R3, Clipper N2 and an all-black version of N1 (see the Backstamps section for more information).

See pattern 9113 for the heraldic detail regarding Felbrigge.

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