Pattern No: A8552

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Hunting Scenes Print - enamelled prints SC Talbot 1948


If the amount of A8552 pots seen at auction and on auction sites is anything to go by, this must have been an extremely popular pattern. It has been recorded on a wide range of both useful and decorative ware such as coffee cups, jugs of various shapes, plates of various shapes, bowls, lidded boxes, tobacco jars (humidors) and lamp bases.
Many of the pots recorded have been abroad, in Australia and the USA, undoubtedly a reflection of the influence of the British government’s introduction of regulations concerning decorated pottery during the Second World War: the manufacture of decorated pots for the Home market was largely forbidden in order to encourage and develop export sales.

The image shown here, taken from a company information photograph, was used for an advertisement which appeared regularly in Pottery Gazette from June 1948 to December 1949 (see the Adverts section).
The label on the back of the photograph reads in full:
PATT.NO.A8551. “Coaching Scenes”. Printed in Black
painted in-Tang, Yellow, Blue Green & Brown. The finish
is in Copper Lustre.
PATT.NO.A8552. “Hunting Scenes”. Printed in Brown.
painted in-Tang, Yellow, Green, Brown & Grey. Finish
is in Copper Lustre.
PATT.NO.A8526. Stoneware. “Hunting Scenes”. Printed in
Brown, painted in-Tang, Yellow, Green, Brown & Grey.
Finish is in Copper Lustre.
PATT.NO.A7894. Ship printed in Black. Painted in Silver
Brown, (sails) Blue & Green. Printed verse at back.
Finish is in Copper Lustre.
The jug (centre left), lidded box (centre right) and square dish (front right) are the examples of A8552.

The verse around the top of the tankards in the second and third images is a Tom Moore verse, ‘Within this goblet rich and deep’: see Verse 9Q in the Verses section.

The tankard in the third image has a clockwork musical movement made by Thorens of Switzerland in its base and is the first example of its type: this shape (called Blythe) and movement was used for a number of subsequent patterns. Using a simple lever mechanism, the tune stops when the tankard is placed on a flat surface. The tune in this instance is Come Landlord Fill The Flowing (Cup/Bowl). Other tunes have been recorded: John Peel, There’s A Tavern In The Town and The 3rd. Man.

The six mugs shown in the sixth image comprise patterns A8551 (centre row) and A8552 (top and bottom rows).

The small jug in the last image was known as a ‘Castle’ jug at Gray’s Pottery: see the website section Retailers, North America – USA, Skinners for more information on these jugs.

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GP/Nagington & Son
Originator (in the USA) unknown
Originator unknown
pathwaymarket929 (USA)
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grahaph2014 (USA)
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