Pattern No: A8569

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Tabard Inn Lustre - splashed Not known 1948


This pattern appears with two different Tabard Inn prints and several colour variations of the lustre, as well as an example recorded with The Barley Mow (fourth image) and Ye Olde Jug Inn (see last image).

The pattern is an example of what became a regular practice for Gray’s Pottery patterns from the mid-1940s and through the 1950s: the addition of a suffix to the pattern number to indicate a different ‘colourway’ of the design.
Many examples of A8569 in pink/purple splashed lustre are marked A8569/1, as is the left-hand Castle jug in the fifth image. The right-hand jug, in green splashed lustre, is marked A8569/3.
See the website section Retailers, North America – USA, Skinners for more information on Castle jugs.

The majority of the pots recorded have been in North America and Australia, undoubtedly a reflection of the influence of the British government’s introduction of regulations concerning decorated pottery during the Second World War: the manufacture of decorated pots for the Home market was largely forbidden in order to encourage and develop export sales.

The seventh image is of a pot lid, an item which follows a 19th century tradition of cylindrical pots with decorated lids often containing medicinal ointments. Gray’s produced just the lids, for decorative purposes, sometimes framed in wood – often there are two holes on the back through which to tie a hanging string.

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