Pattern No: A8930

Pattern Name Design Type Designer Likely Design Date
Not known Print - print only Not known 1950


‘Tom and Jerry’ punch sets, popular in the USA, have been recorded with ‘Dickensian’ prints for patterns A8930, A9007, A9008 and A9010 and with hunting/stagecoach prints for patterns A8834 and A9727. There appear to be subtle differences between some of them which relate to plain or enamelled prints and the trim colour.

The magazine extract shown is from Pottery and Glass, December 1950, page 51. The accompanying text to the black & white image doesn’t tell us if this specific pattern was coloured or not, and what precisely the ‘trim’ colour was. Pattern A9008 is fully enamelled and has a silver (platinum) trim, pattern A9010 is also fully enamelled and has a copper trim.
The bowl shown is un-enamelled and clearly marked A8930. It has a range of Heath prints from The Art of Tormenting and Sayings & Doings series (see the Prints & Verses, Henry Heath section).

A pattern sold by the American retailer Smith and Settle Inc.

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Originator (in the USA) unknown
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